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PlayCloud – release 0.3.0

New PlayCloud release ! – Add Dropbox support – Clipboard improvements – New icons – New dialog “look & feel” – New “refresh” bouton – New help pages (bridge, dropbox…) – Show the help page at the first application launch

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PlayBook on the Cloud way

With the update of the BlackBerry OS playbook, RIM offers us the possibility to use native address book and calendar. But how to synchronize its address book and calendar with other tools, or even more simply, how to import their address book ? No application available ; impossible with the BlackBerry Desktop Manager… Indeed, there are few solutions! RIM has made a bold choice ! Turning now to the Cloud technologies. Besides having a hotmail or gmail, it is possible …
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PlayCloud – New PlayBook Application

RIM provides us with the BlackBerry playbook, a great pad ! I do not regret this purchase. Performance hardware, fluidity applications or its screen which obeys perfectly are, in my opinion, one of the best if not the best technically tablet. This tablet has been offering the new version of its OS 2.0, more and more interesting applications. Certainly we do not have the same number of applications that we can find in Apple’s AppStore, but how many are unusable, …
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BlackBerry PlayBook & Linux

While most phones, tablets, cameras and other USB devices … act as a mass-storage device, RIM has opted for another solution to the tablet PlayBook. That’s why I post this article. Indeed, the PlayBook looks like a CD-ROM with drivers to install for Windows ! Once the driver for Windows installed, the PlayBook looks again. It is then available as a network drive. The PlayBook indeed behaves as a network interface. The data is then accessible via the network. If …
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BlackBerry PlayBook

BlackBerry PlayBook Introduction The BlackBerry package Wi-Fi settings File sharing setting Bridge setting Multimédia – Video format BlackBerry PlayBook Introduction The multimedia pads are starting to bloom in stores. My choice is made, and I turned to the pad of the Canadian RIM : The “BlackBerry PlayBook.” Several reasons for this : the price drop ! I have a BlackBerry (function proposed by the manufacturer Bridge is very convenient). the PlayBook is one of the best tablets on the technical, …
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SignatureTool & BlackBerry JDK & IPv6

A new post to update the post about “Devel on a BlackBerry device”. If your system suppots the IPv6 protocol ; the SignatureTool tool doesn’t work To work, you have to only add a command line option to force the tool to work with the IPv4 protocol. So the command is : $ java -jar SignatureTool.jar This option is true for all Java applications aren’t compliant with IPv6.

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Tether BlackBerry

Hi and happy new year.

To begin the year, a new post to use your BlackBerry as a modem.

Be carefull ! this option can be expensive and don’t permit by your peer.
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Barry using

With several developpers, I help to add the BlackBerry support on Linux. Barry is an Open Source application that will provide synchronization, backup, restore and program management for BlackBerry devices. Barry is primarily developed on Linux, but is intended as a cross platform library and application set, targeting Linux, BSD, 32/64bit, and big/little endian systems.

My repository :
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BlackBerry Torch device with Linux

Yes ! I have received my new toy ! a BlackBerry Torch. I have quickly tested the new device with Barry tools : btool, barrybackup… ; and the OpenSync synchronization framework.

Here the first results of my tests. Later I’ll post an article about Barry using.
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Devel on a BlackBerry device

An old post where I explain a solution to write applications for your BlackBerry with Linux.
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