My layout train design

Th fist layout step

For the moment, I think build 3 modules :

  • module A : city with a big train station…
  • module B : mountain, country…
  • module C : a little station, a port (fret)

(of course, it’s only an idea !)

I’m going to realize the module A at first, then the C and to finish the B. I could add the module B between the both A & C.

I design my scheme with an open-source software for Linux : Xtrkcad with several libraries.

Clic here to read the Xtrkcad wiki

My results :

First difficult : choose the rail !

I have read several forums and blogs :

Several solutions : Fleishmann, Roco, Minitrix, Peco…

I want to hide the turnout motors (to be clean and beautiful) and of course the solution doesn’t have to be expensive !

Sample for a curve turnout :

  • Fleishmann/Roco : 27.90 €
  • Minitrix : 20.90 €
  • Peco (code 55) : 14.50 €

So, I choose Peco (code 55) 🙂 Moreover, these rails are more realistic !

Warning, all manufacts don’t provide the same models (curve rayon, turnouts…)

The next step is to draw the scheme at the real scale in using the rail and turnout plans.

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