BlackBerry PlayBook

BlackBerry PlayBook


The multimedia pads are starting to bloom in stores. My choice is made, and I turned to the pad of the Canadian RIM : The “BlackBerry PlayBook.”

Several reasons for this :

  • the price drop !
  • I have a BlackBerry (function proposed by the manufacturer Bridge is very convenient).
    the PlayBook is one of the best tablets on the technical, if not the best.
  • it has a HDMI port (for display on a screen / video projector)
  • guaranteed compatibility with Linux
  • I can develop applications

The BlackBerry package

On this side no surprise to those accustomed to the brand, the box is still sober, well cared for, and without embellishment:

Wi-Fi settings

To configure the WiFi, not revolutionary… If you have configured the Bridge function, your playbook is going to get the different profiles configured on your BlackBerry.

To add or configure a profile, simply enter the various parameters :

We denote still some interesting features :

  • the possibility of using a VPN (a secure network connection), I surely will test this feature soon, hoping to use my PlayBook with an IPsec connection based racons or an OpenVPN server
  • IPv6 compatibility
  • the possibility of using WPS to configure the WiFi connection.

Below is a test with IPv6 support enabled.

File sharing setting

Nothing is set, the only need to activate the feature.

Bridge setting

The configuration of the “bridge” is extremely simple. Throughout the installation, you are guided.

Multimédia – Video format

The BlackBerry PlayBook supports multiple video formats. Here is a sample script to convert a video :

[root@Dahlia root]$ cat >



ffmpeg -y -i "$FILE" \
    -f mp4 \
    -s $RES \
    -acodec libfaac -async 4800 \
    -dts_delta_threshold 1 \
    -vcodec libxvid \
    -aspect 16:9 \
    -qscale 10 \
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