Mikadotrain X73500

The rainy day was an opportunity for me to advance the work on my new railcar: A X73500 Burgundy region of Mikadotrain .

The railcar is very well done. You can find more information on the website of the manufacturer.

I started in a small challenge: to equip it with a sound decoder and change the railcar to add interior lighting.

Leds are white leds classic colors I paint with stained glass “deep blue”. The leds are mounted in parallel on a wire stripped and varnished (for insulation).

My mini wreath, composed of three leds, you are stuck on the railcar with adhesive plastic (heat gun to glue). The front of this solution is that it’s easy to install and remove, it is sufficient to heat the glue with a soldering iron to remove it.

The speaker is placed at the bottom of the hull.

I set up a mini-connector on the decoder and the associated wreath making (it’s easier to mount / unmount).

Finally, after some tests, everything is closed.

I must say that the lack of available space is now occupied…

A video to see the results :

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