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RIM provides us with the BlackBerry playbook, a great pad ! I do not regret this purchase. Performance hardware, fluidity applications or its screen which obeys perfectly are, in my opinion, one of the best if not the best technically tablet.

This tablet has been offering the new version of its OS 2.0, more and more interesting applications. Certainly we do not have the same number of applications that we can find in Apple’s AppStore, but how many are unusable, double or completely useless !

For a moment, I am looking for a simple and efficient to manage my local files, but also those of my cell phone, a BlackBerry of course ! Unfortunately, nothing special, slow, inconvenient, or poorly integrated, or even a simple porting Android application.

So I started to write my own application. Thus was born PlayCloud, application recently introduced in the App World. Of course, this is the first version, there are still many improvements to bring new features to implement. But it is already usable.

PlayCloud try to respect the philosophy of the playbook by integrating better. PlayCloud therefore incorporates color skins, layout, use the menu …

The menu provides access to application configuration. You can then activate different views in addition to the default view : the view bridge provides access to content on your mobile. With system view you can browse whole file system of the tablet.

It is very easy to copy, move or delete files or folders. Simply select them (multiple selection can be activated via the menu) and copy them to the clipboard. Then when switching folders or views, you can perform the operation from icons to copy or move.

A confirmation window will open and you can follow the progress of the operation.

To understand how PlayCloud or get the icons on-line help is available, again from the menu.

The application allows PlayCloud already manage your local files and your mobile. It will soon manage your remote files Dropbox, SugarSync, FTP … And of course, a whole bunch of improvements…

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  1. Phuong says:

    Hi, It’s a nice software I’ve ever bought for my playbook but there are a few problems that makes me a little bit dissatisfied. First, I cannot browse system files in the system view. Specifically, when I choose the system view, there’s only a blank screen with no category such as SDCARD. Secondly, in dropbox view, I cannot open files directly as I want. I have to download them and then open them on my playbook.

    • Nicolas says:


      It’s particular strange…

      Your local view works and not your system view. Howerver the system view is the same excepts that you can browse all the playbook filesystems.

      There is also the bridge view to browse your blackberry mobile. But to do it, you have to enable bridge feature (so bluetooth) and YOU HAVE TO RUN A BRIDGE APP as mail, blackberry messenger…. Otherwise the bridge filesystem isn’t readable.

      I’m going to add a debug feature in my application so as to you are able to send me info the help me to understand your issue and debug.

      In waiting, have you tried a reboot ?

      For Dropbox, indeed you can’t open directly a document. You have to manually download it before. I’ll add the auto download in the next release.


      • Phuong says:

        Yes, I’ve tried rebooting after installing or before reinstalling the software but there’s no help. The system view just like local view except that there’s no files to browse. In addition, in the system view, when I try to creat a new folder, an error message pops up. It says “Error: Error #3001”. Hope this information is useful for you to identify the problem

        • Nicolas says:

          The system view permits only to browse whole the files system. You can’t add/modify/delete files.
          This view isn’t “very” usefull. Nevertheless, from the systeme view you can browse also your personnal documents (as the local view) ; and of course in these folders, you can manager your files. So in this case, it’s like a second local view – it’s usefull to see two folders in the same time.

          So the error “create a new folder” is normal in some folders.

          For your information, you can also to do screenshots in press the volume ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons together.

          Which OS release do you use ?

          • Phuong says:

            Well, in that case, I hope you can add modify feature for the system view in the next version because some android software requires copying files in some system folders.
            My OS version is

          • Nicolas says:

            If I could… but the BlackBerry PlayBook OS uses permissions. And it’s totally impossible to write everywhere.
            Or in this case, you have to jailbreak your PlayBook.

            You can write only in the document folders (folders that you can see from the local view).

            Can you send me a screenshot of the issue (system view with and without menu swipe down) ?

          • Phuong says:

            Yes, of course. Give me your email and I’ll send you these screenshots.

          • Phuong says:

            I’ve already sent u an email. Hope u can find a way to fix it soon

  2. Player says:

    Dear reader,

    Re: #3001 and files missing / not visible

    I seem to recall a checkbox on installation requesting access to files, with the comment that one could change the settings later.

    Well I removed the check and have been unable to find the setting that grants the application access to the file system.

    Please help.

  3. James says:


    I have just installed playcloud on my PlayBook. I can open folders but am unable to open and view files such as pdf and word docs. Am I doing something wrong

    • Nicolas says:


      To open a file (such as pdf, doc, photo…) you have to touch 2 times (select, then open) the icon file or touch one time (to select) then press the “play” icon in the dock.

      Check also the view options to change the touch icon behavior.

      At last, you can open only the local (or bridge) files. Open directly a cloud file (dropbox, box) will be supported in the next release.


  4. Daniel L Bilodeau says:

    Je lis sur le site de ProgWeb que PlayCloud est disponible en français. J’ai téléchargé PlayCloud sur AppWorld et n’ai pas eu de choix entre les langues. Pouvez-vous m’indiquer comment je devrais m’y prendre?

    • Nicolas says:


      Le choix de la langue ne peut être fait depuis l’application elle-même. En effet, l’application utilise la configuration du système pour déterminer la langue à utiliser.

      J’ai fait les corrections nécessaires pour avoir le français également au canada !

      Une mise à jour vient d’être soumise dans l’AppWorld. Elle sera disponible sous peu, version v0.6.0.


  5. fred says:

    votre application est le meilleur explorateur de fichiers que je connaisse ; un seul regret cependant : que l’on ne puisse effectuer un diaporama des photos du téléphone via bridge à partir de ce produit, dommage !

  6. Robert says:

    PlayCloud for PlayBook needs to be upgraded to match the PlayCloud for Z10.

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