PlayCloud – release 0.4.0

ProgWeb is prod to announce a new PlayCloud release.

This new release brings up some fixes and the Box cloud storage service.

PlayCloud is now available in french and in english ; other translations are planned. If you want to add a translation, please to contact me.

Other news and features are in devel, such as the new BlackBerry 10 mobile generation (here the BlackBerry 10 dev alpha).

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  3. Jai says:


    I downloaded playcloud and have followed all instructions for the bridge function… I am still not able not able to access bridge files….bridge is unlocked and have set playcloud bridge as per one of your posts on a blackberry support forum…

    What should I be doing differently??



  4. Jai says:

    Hi Nicolas,

    I did exactly in your post on the bridge support..I am able to see the bridge icon when I swipe down. However, when I select the bridge icon, it does not show any folders.I am able to see folders on Local as well as System…



    • Nicolas says:


      When you open the bridge view, you have to see 2 icons : internal and sdcard.
      You can also see these folders in the system view (you need only to browse “/BlackBerry” folder.

      If you can’t browse the folders with PlayCloud, the other applications can’t browse more.
      By sample, if you use blackberry mail through bridge, you can’t attach a document from the internal mobile memory.

      Can you provide screenshots (press in the same time the volume level button + and – ?


  5. Jai says:

    Hi Nicolas,

    For some weird reason I am not able to take screenshots on playcloud… I cqn take screenshots in other apps though… What could be the issue here….

  6. jai says:


    How do I set application permissions?

  7. Jai says:

    Hi Nicolas,

    My bold 9900 has the enterprise email thru BES… I did everything as mentioned in your post on bridge and playcloud… I have the application permissions also set to access allowed… I am able to see files on my playbook and the system but the bridge part is not showing any files…

  8. Jai says:

    Also.. On which email I’d do I send a screenshots you??

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