PlayCloud – Built for BlackBerry 10

For BlackBerry PlayBook owners, you may know PlayCloud ; a files explorer with different clouds such Dropbox, Box, SkyDrive, Google Drive. PlayCloud has been written in ActionScript ; a native solution for PlayBook.

PlayCloud is brung on the new BlackBerry 10 device ; then written from scratch in C/C++ for the core and Qt/Qml for UI. The new application name is PlayCloud 10. In using the BlackBerry Cascades framework, PlayCloud 10 has a power, flow and fast UI. The application is perfectly integrated to OS ; and native and third applications (Twitter, FaceBook, NFC, Bluetooth…)

PlayCloud 10 comes with new features :

• Local & System view
• SD-Card support
• Dropbox support
• Box support
• Google Drive support
• Skydrive support
• Sugarsync support
• OpenDataSpace support (experimental)
• Webdav support
• FTP(SSL)/SFTP support
• Print feature (IPP support & PDF/PS)
• Files search
• Media sharing over social networks
• Background transfers
• Network WiFi & Cellular choice (roaming management)
• Transfers progress status
• Transfers complete notification
• BlackBerry and third party applications integration
• Mutli-select feature
• Open, Copy, move or delete files
• File details view (with comments)
• Image and audio thumbnails support
• EXIF metadata image support
• Network cache data
• Help embedded

PlayCloud 10 has been qualified as “Built for BlackBerry” – program created as the BlackBerry 10 plateform launch.

With new cloud services (SugarSync, OpenDataSpace, FTP, WebDAV…), PlayCloud 10 permits to use printer over IPP protocol. For the moment, only PDF / PS documents are supported. So you have to have a network postscript printer.

If it doesn’t it, you can install a IPP print service on your computer. Sample you can use CUPS on Mac / Linux. You are to find a print configuration sample with a HP2550L (USB) printer shared over CUPS.

On the last screenshot, I have used “avahi-discover” tool to find and discover my printer and its properties.

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78 Responses to PlayCloud – Built for BlackBerry 10

  1. François Lasselle says:

    J’utilise le BlackBerry Z10 et j’ai vu votre application playcloud pour se connecter à Skydrive. Comment se fait la connexion à Skydrive ? Conservez-vous les mots de passe de tous vos clients où la connexion se fait directement via la connexion sécurisée de Microsoft et vous n’avez pas accès au mot de passe de vos clients ?

    • Nicolas says:

      Pour les services Box, DropBox, Skydrive et Google Drive, l’ authentification utilise OAuth. Et donc est faite par le navigateur (lancé à l’intérieur de PlayCloud.
      Ceci permet en effet d’éviter que PlayCloud est la connaissance de vos identifiants.
      Note: il existe une version gratuite si vous souhaitez tester.


  2. AP says:


    J’ai fait l’acquisition récemment d’un BlackBerry Q5.
    Je dispose d’un compte SugarSync que je souhaite installer sur mon BlackBerry. Il n’existe pas d’application à proprement dit, raison pour laquelle j’ai installé PlayCloud.

    Malheureusement je ne vois aucun moyen de synchroniser/ d’installer SugarSync via le support PlayCloud.

    Connaissez-vous la procédure ? Et si oui pouvez vous me l’indiquer ?

    Bien cordialement


  3. Scott says:

    Will PlayCloud eventually support BlackBerry Link?

  4. Kathy M says:

    Does Playcloud work with idrive? Thank you.

  5. allwi says:

    Hi, nice app and thanks for offering a trial-before-you-buy version. This always shows that the developer is believes in his app.

    I know, it’s only a minor and only aesthetic thing but – can you change the folder icons to monochrome? Although it’s built-for-BB10, the icons make it look like a cheap Android port 🙁
    Maybe a small ‘use monochrome’ switch in the settings?


  6. Bootsy Whitelaw says:


    again: nice app…I bought it after testing the trial.
    Can you please explain what “bookmarks” mean? Can I bookmark a certain folder on my ftp server so I don’t have to click through lots of folders and subfolders?


    • Nicolas says:


      Indeed, with bookmarks feature, you can flag a folder item as a bookmark ; then open directly from the bookmark list.

      To add bookmark, just long tap on the folder item, then “create bookmark”.

      Warning, to open a bookmark, the cloud service needs to be connected (if you have disabled auto-connect feature)

      In the next release, you will be able to edit bookmarks and more.


      • Bootsy Whitelaw says:

        Hi Nicolas,

        thanks for your respond.

        When I long tap the folder item I get the options
        – rename
        – open with…
        – copy to…
        – move to…
        – select more
        – delete

        No option to bookmark anything on my Q10.


        • Nicolas says:

          You should have an item with 3 dots in the context menu.

          You can open in large the memu (swipe to the left)

          rename, open with, copy to, move to, print, share, add bookmark, info, select more, delete


          • Bootsy Whitelaw says:

            Thanks a lot! With the option “one tap to open folder” it is rather intricate to open the large menu: first you have to tap folder – hold – swipe to top left so the folder is highlighted. Only then you can open the large menu.
            I switched to “double tap to open folder” so I can highlight a folder by just tapping it.

  7. S.K. says:

    What is the difference between the free and paid versions of PlayCloud?

  8. Wendell says:

    1. Request ability to add following Cloud services in future updates, if possible:

    Onedrive (I’ve read Skydrive is now Onedrive, but will not allow connection to Onedrive nevertheless)

    2. Ability to switch views (from icon to list, etc.)

    Thank you for the app and support.


    • Nicolas says:


      Microsoft hasn’t modified API to access to OneDrive Cloud service. So PlayCloud is already compliant with this service.

      In the next release, I’m going to rename service and update icons.


  9. Aleksandr says:

    Hi! The program is excellent! Please add a cloud service

    Best regards,

  10. mark says:

    hi, i just bought full version of app on blackberry z10. i have no idea how to configure my google drive account with app. am i missing something? it only recognizes files/folder on microSD and interal hard drive.

    • Nicolas says:

      Just swipe down from the top of screen

      Then settings and accounts. 

      Follow all the steps to register your Google drive account an don’t forget to enable the view and set your network preference. 

  11. Pranav says:

    I was able to configure my Google Drive account on my Z10. I can view and download all my files on Google Drive.
    However I don’t know, how can I edit a downloaded file from Google Drive, and then save it back to Google Drive. Is it even possible using PlayCloud?

    • Nicolas says:


      As you want to edit a document and save in the cloud, just use the “Open with…” feature (don’t use copy).

      As the file is well downloaded, you can open it with your editor. Now save the document from the editor, then come back in PlayCloud application.

      In the transfer panel you should see your opened document with a warning : document has been modified.

      Just long press on the item, then select “save”.

      This feature doesn’t work for Google Doc file. Indeed Google Doc file can only be edited from a Web browser and unfortunately it doesn’t work with the BlackBerry Web browser.


      • Pranav says:

        I thought as such.
        The app is a brilliant one, giving cloud services for multiple accounts at once. And also USB-OTG if I am not mistaken.
        Pity that files could not be saved on Google Drive, as that was the most important feature I was looking out for. Any chances for it to work in the future?

        • Nicolas says:

          In the future, it depends on Google itself, their API doesn’t support it. That’s why I don’t use Google Doc for my documents. I use only Google Doc to convert.


          • XhobTheUltraLamp says:

            If you do wish to modify Google docs using your BB10, it is sort of possible, first, access the desired through a computer, then select the document/s you wish to edit, download them as a Word Document (which BB10 supports), then re-upload them to Google drive, next download them from Playcloud, edit them using your phone, then re-upload to Google drive using Playcloud. then to re-edit them in Google drive with a supported device simply reconvert them back to Google docs. Slightly tedious process, but it does work.

  12. Don says:

    Great app and very convenient to have a consolidated cloud storage solution. But I’m having trouble seeing Google Drive files that are shared with me. I can easily see and download my own created files but none that others create and share. Is this possible… can you explain? Thanks

    • Nicolas says:

      Thank you very much.
      You can read and download files shared with you.
      As you are in the Google drive view, just click on the 3 dots in the bottom menu ; in the menu you should find the item “shared with me”.
      You can copy in local or open the files.

      • Bishoy says:


        I having an issue now with Google Drive. When I try to register the account it says there is a problem with my cookies settings. I have cookies enabled on my browser and followed the instructions but it still won’t register the account. This didn’t happen before as I was able to connect to Google drive in the past with PlayCloud. Please help.

  13. Lukas says:

    Hey there,

    my question is – does it support sort of autosync when using a webdav remote folder? i’m using a synology diskstation, and they also publish an android app which lets you browse your local folders and the diskstation folders. it works fine, but you can’t sync folders automatically. there is a special android app for it, which doesn’t work on bb 10. if there is any possibility to sync folders or subfolders automatically, i’ll download it today.

    thank you in advance

  14. Nguyen Cong Tuan says:

    Moi j’utilise pour sauvegarder tout mes photos et videos. Pourtant, quand le nombre de photos augmente, le management de fichier de Blackberry ne peut plus d’ouvrir mon dossier en et donc, je voudrais savoir si ce sera possible pour playcloud de l’ouvrir. Je ne sais pas si cplaycloud sera tourner en ouvrant le dossier comme Blackberry ou pas.

    J’ai 5gb de photos, environ 6k photos dans le dossier

  15. Joel says:

    I’d like to have more than one google drive account in Play Cloud 10. It doesn’t seem possible to do this.
    Can it be done? Is there a way to do it now?
    (Great app!)

  16. Marc says:

    I have a home network Levovo StorCenter. It has the ability to turn on FTP, sFTP and WebDAV. How to I set up play cloud so that I can see those files. I don’t understand what is supposed to in the domain portion of the address. Is it the ipaddress? If not what then and how do I determine that on the NAS? Thank you.

    • Nicolas says:

      To add an account. Just swipe down from the top of screen, then in settings – account section, add a new account. For FTP,FTP-SSL or SFTP, it’s the same type of account. In the host field, don’t forget to write the uri scheme. Host can be a domain or an IP address.
      About WebDAV, the uri is a http:// or https:// URI with IP and often a pathname.

      Uri is given by the server.

  17. johnt says:


    I am considering purchasing this app and was wondering about the folder sync ability. Can I select my Camera folder on my phone, sync it to a folder on one of my cloud services and then as soon as I take a new picture with the camera app have it uploaded to the cloud?


    • Nicolas says:

      This feature is planned for the next release.

      • johnt says:

        Thanks for your reply. Are upgrades free when I purchase the app now? Also when is the next release with this feature due to come out?


        • Nicolas says:

          All updates are free. But if you wait before to buy th app, the price can change 😉

          • johnt says:

            Hi Nicolas,

            I have now purchased the app. Overall I am satisfied however I have not been able to find a way to select multiple files and instead need to select and move on file at a time between my device and my cloud services. I have checked the settings menu as well as every other place I can think of with no success. Can you share details of how to do this?


          • Nicolas says:

            Hi, thx for your contributions.
            So to select multiple files, just long press on an item file, then in the context menu select “multi select” or “select all”.

  18. johnt says:

    Thanks for your help!! I just neglected to scroll up in that context menu and din’t realize those 2 additional entries were available.

    I am looking for forward to the future release with folder sync functionality!


  19. rob says:


    I’m having issues registering Dropbox on Q10 in Playcloud. I press “register”, then “allow”. My browser opens to the API Request Authorization – Sign in page. I enter my login information, but the “sign in” button will not submit.

    Any thoughts? Thanks.

    • Nicolas says:

      As you are in this page. You aren’t in the PlayCloud context but in the BlackBerry web browser. You can try to reboot your device.
      As registration will be completed, the allow button shows “connect” and finally you will be able to enable the cloud view.
      Don’t forget to set your network preferences, thumbnail behavior…

  20. Costa says:

    Hi, thanks for a great app. The google drive access, particularly the ability to share files from there saved my son from switching to a iPhone. I could not see an option for email anywhere on this blog, so could I make some suggestions for the app here?

    – in the bottom L corner where we select the cloud service, device, SD card, etc., please allow for rearranging the services. For example, I would like to see google drive right at the top of the list, so that when I open the app I see the google drive icon right away and I am in google drive.

    – to simplify uploading, please put an “upload” option in the right context menu. Then allow to browse for file. I realize you use the native BlackBerry move method. This is good and it could stay, but I think the other option would be simpler and faster.

    – now here’s the big one: shortcuts on the Blackberry screen for whatever drive we want. So when we have registered and setup our drives of choice in Playcloud we can then have the option of creating a shortcut icon on the home screen for the drives we might choose. This way I would have e.g. the google drive shortcut with the image on my home screen and tapping it would take me directly into google drive in Playcloud. It would look like we have google drive natively on the BlackBerry. I think that would be a killer feature imho.

    Take care and best wishes.

    • Nicolas says:

      Thank you very much for your message.
      You can contact me via BBM Channel support for PlayCloud.
      Re-arranging your storage space will be supported with 10.3.1 OS release.
      I add your suggestion about shortcuts on the home screen.

  21. jae says:

    If playcloud support Baidu cloud service it will be perfect

  22. Robert says:

    Can I add more than one Google Drive account? It appears to allow me to do so but when I try to access it only shows documents from first account added, not both.

    • Nicolas says:

      Right, you can. Just launch PlayCloud. Go in the application settings, then accounts section.
      Please add a new account (in the context menu). The new Google Drive account will be added at the bottom of the list.
      Don’t forget to set all info about the new account and enable the view.
      Soon, you will be able to re-order the items in the menu.

  23. Isaac Ogdan says:


    How do I connect my SharePoint and Onedrive Pro?

    Thank you,

  24. Simon Rozman says:

    Great app! (My first purchase on BBW.)
    Have you considered adding support for SMB/CIFS shares (Microsoft Networking) yet?
    That would make it perfect.

  25. erik says:

    Will you app recognise a Linksys NAS or lacie cloudbox and allow you to copy files from these servers to your phone over wifi?

  26. Sergey says:

    The application is not showing the folders with the names started with ‘#’ in the WebDAV connections. Please fix this problem.

  27. Rod Wilson says:

    Does the paid version of Playcloud allow me to open files shared to me on google drive?

    • Nicolas says:

      To be exact open directly no.
      Download then open, yes.
      If the shared document is a Google Doc, you need to convert it to be able to read with DocToGo.

  28. Rico says:

    Have had Playcloud since the beginning. Great app, but a few months ago it stopped connecting to Box. What’s up with that? I get to the log in part, I grant permission to connect, then on the app screen to “connect” with the button, it starts and never connects. Am I doing something wrong?

    • Nicolas says:


      Don’t worry. In general the issue is on the Box side 🙂 so try later. In the worst case, you can restart your mobile. Uninstall/install again the application (of you use the same BlackBerry ID, you won’t be charged).

  29. Francis Belanger says:

    Est-ce possible d’utiliser playcloud pour se brancher à mon compte onedrive pour entreprise en utilisant le protocol webdav ?

    • Nicolas says:

      Pour être honnête, je ne sais pas. Je n’ai pas ce type de compte. Je sais que OneDrive Pro (sans webdav) n’est pas supporté.
      Via le support webdav, tout dépend comment est géré l’authentification. En tout cas le protocole webdav est pleinement supporte.
      Vous pouvez tester avec la version gratuite.

  30. Eric says:


    I’m using PlayCloud 10 on Z10STL100-4/ I am unable to print to my printer that works correctly with Airprint on my iPhone. All that happens is a noticeable of “Job has aborted due to an error.” with – listed for the size. Suggestions on what to try?

    • Nicolas says:

      Please give me more information about you printer. You can install “mDNS Service Discovery” from the BlackBerry World. Which file format does your printer support ?

      • Eric says:

        TXT air = username,password
        TXT URF = W8,SRGB24,DM1,CP255,RS600
        TXT pdl = application/pdf,image/jpeg,image/urf
        TXT Scan = F
        TXT Sort = F
        TXT Bind = F
        TXT Punch = F
        TXT Collate = F
        TXT Copies = T
        TXT Staple = F
        TXT Duplex = T
        TXT Color = T
        TXT Binary = T
        TXT Transparent = T
        TXT WINDOWS = T
        TXT product = HP Color LaserJet CP1215
        TXT priority = 0
        TXT note =
        TXT adminurl = http://Jayson-PC:631/
        TXT ty = HP Color LaserJet CP1215
        TXT rp = printers/HP_Color_LaserJet_CP1215
        TXT qtotal = 1
        TXT txtvers = 1

  31. mato says:

    Hi. Do you support Samba protocol for accessing Windows shared folders? And if not, would you add such support please? Thanks.

  32. Simon Rozman says:

    I am trying to setup printing with a Canon MF5650, connected to Windows Server 2008 R2. I got the server part set-up (I think). I can connect to the printer server using a web browser and Basic or Windows authentication. The printer server says that printing URL is “http:///printers/Canon MF5650/.printer”.
    However, when I enter this in PlayCloud including my credentials, it does not connect. I have replaced the space in the URL with a %20, I’ve tried “ipp://:80/printers/Canon MF5650/.printer” and I can see in the server’s IIS log the PlayCloud actually do connect (with a POST request resulting in 200 reply). Unfortunately, PlayCloud still woudln’t recognize my printer.

    Do you have any recommendations and best practises to follow when setting up a Windows hosted IPP printers?

    Thank you and best regards,

  33. marek says:

    the notification sound on every image download is really annoying 🙁 taping second time on the same image, starts downloading again instead of reusing cached version. asking to download file after it’s taped to download is kind of impediment – it takes two taps to download file.

    I would be really thankful if download complete notification removed.

    kind regards,

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