PlayCloud story – first birthday

PlayCloud a maintenant un an, et donc fête son premier anniversaire 🙂

Le dĂ©veloppement de PlayCloud a commencĂ© sur la plateforme BlackBerry™ PlayBook. J’avais en effet besoin d’accĂ©der facilement Ă  mes documents locaux mais aussi sur des services de cloud tels que Box, Dropbox… Afin d’avoir une application suffisamment fluide et rapide, j’ai fait le choix de l’ActionScript™ en utilisant le BlackBerry™ Air SDK.

PlayCloud now one year old, and is celebrating its first anniversary 🙂

Development PlayCloud began on BlackBerry PlayBook™ platform. Indeed I need easy access to my local documents but also on cloud services such as Box, Dropbox … In order to have a smooth, flow and fast application, I made the choice of using the ActionScript™ BlackBerry™ Air SDK.

I decided to publish my application on the BlackBerry™ portal : the AppWorld. Following the enthusiasm of many users, while successive versions are: adding features, changes, improvements …

After the BlackBerry™ JAM event in Paris in June 2012, I then received a BlackBerry™ Dev Alpha A – the BlackBerry™ Z10 future!

Things went so quickly accelerated, new tools, new SDK … Briefly the BlackBerry™ 10 success story is launched.

PlayCloud has been written from scratch. The BlackBerry Cascades™ SDK is then imposed as a highlight : native solution (C / C++, Qt ..), integration with the OS, possibility of using Open Source software components, especially The development environment is available under Linux.

This application has achieved the Built for BlackBerry™ designation. This means that it has been through a rigorous approval process at RIM and will deliver a quality BlackBerry® 10 experience.

Today PlayCloud continues to evolve and supports : Box, Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive, SugarSync, but also classic WebDAV, FTP … PlayCloud also supports network printers.

In addition, PlayCloud can share documents or media with your contacts via BlackBerry Messenger, Mail, SMS or via social networks LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook …

PlayCloud is still very young, the best is yet to come.

PlayCloud will be on the BlackBerry PlayBook™ tablet as Cascades will be available for this platform.

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3 Responses to PlayCloud story – first birthday

  1. cloud8521 says:

    Hi, I just bought both playcloud for BB10 and for the PB.

    For the BB10 edition, it works fine. But for my playbook, I’m missing the option to add Google Drive. Has Google Drive support been dropped? Or is it a bug?

    Fyi, I uses Play Cloud for PlayBook version 0.7

  2. fafafra says:


    Super Appli merci encore pour ce superbe travail

    Envisagez vous la prise en charge d’autre stockage cloud : orange cloud par ex ?


    • Nicolas says:


      Pour le cloud Orange je ne sais pas quel est le service derrière. Je ne sais pas si Orange fournit aux dĂ©veloppeurs les API nĂ©cessaires pour faire l’implĂ©mentation. Peut-ĂŞtre que le service de cloud d Orange est accessible en WebDAV ; je ne sais pas


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