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Work, wiring, landscape and tests

Some news about my layout. I have worked on several subjects. Ballast tests : Tortoise motor and turnouts wiring. The second curve is ready, I have still to set the Peco’s bretelle double, and the track 3 and 4. I have worked on the platform ; some passengers wait the train (the time can be long !).

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Platforms building

When you fix the platforms, you have to think to the position and the size of platforms. I have quickly defined the platforms that I want to use. Here you can find the normes (height, size, position, space…) – in alignement – in curve Now we can start the build… After a few time ; the first results :

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Terrain elevation

Today, the workwood end. The terrain elevation and so the different ramps. The relief takes shape. A quick test to sse the ramps. The percent isn’t higher than 4%.

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Today, the woodwork near the end. The base is near finished. I have begun the track elevation. Here you can see the result. I have to finish soon. You will notice the centrale drawer. The free areas under the layout will be for the storage ; the other areas will permit to do the maintenance (wired, motors…). The layout border will cover with melamine chipboard and painted in ebony.

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Layout design

To better view the results, the rail curves, distances… I took the time to draw the layout on my work plan. It’s step is very import. I recommend it. The result : To do it, I need the turnout templates for N gauge code 55. I have contacted the Peco company to request them. I thank them for the quick reply. So, I printed with the good scale the turnout and I drew my scheme. With the Peco’s permission, I …
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My layout train design

Th fist layout step For the moment, I think build 3 modules : module A : city with a big train station… module B : mountain, country… module C : a little station, a port (fret) (of course, it’s only an idea !) I’m going to realize the module A at first, then the C and to finish the B. I could add the module B between the both A & C. I design my scheme with an open-source software …
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