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Turnouts & Ecos

In the previous posts, I have shown how to use the Ecos to drive a train and use the S88 sensor. Now, I’m going to explain how to control the turnout. If you have read all my articles, I have installed tortoise engine to move the turnout. I have chosen a SwitchPilot from Esu. These modules, very interessant, can’t directly control the tortoise motor ! So, I use a little adaptator. A quick test with a lab permits to validate …
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Turnouts control

Motors choice The first step : add motors to control the turnout rails from the digital centrale. I have chosen the N gauge code 55 point “electrofrog” turnout. The core is conductor to avoid that the train stops. The core polarisation depends on the turnout position. To be more realistic, I seek some slow motors. To sum up : slow motor electrofrog reliability low sound price To compare : Attachment Mouvement Conso. Core Noise Price peco easy quick high no …
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