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BlackBerry Torch device with Linux

Yes ! I have received my new toy ! a BlackBerry Torch. I have quickly tested the new device with Barry tools : btool, barrybackup… ; and the OpenSync synchronization framework.

Here the first results of my tests. Later I’ll post an article about Barry using.
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BlackBerry Storm device with Linux

This evening, an old post about the BlackBerry using with Linux. I use for this several tools : barry and barrybackup ; and also the OpenSync synchronization framework. I explain how use a BlackBerry Storm as a MTP multimedia player.
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OpenSync install

OpenSync is a synchronization framework that will be a platform independent and in particular Linux. OpenSync is modular : a core and plugins for content formats and different kind of connection types. It should allow it to be a solution to synchronize PIM (Personal Information Management – addressbook contacts, calendar events and tasks, personal notes, etc) data between mobile devices like mobile phones, PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant), desktop computer PIM tools.

As I’m used to use and contribute to OpenSync project, you’ll find a post about
the installation.
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