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Work, wiring, landscape and tests

Some news about my layout. I have worked on several subjects. Ballast tests : Tortoise motor and turnouts wiring. The second curve is ready, I have still to set the Peco’s bretelle double, and the track 3 and 4. I have worked on the platform ; some passengers wait the train (the time can be long !).

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Buffer stops with leds

I continue my work about the track. The track curve is now installed. To avoid be boring, I have started an other subject ; the train station decoration with the buffers stop. At the N gauge, there are several models, but none with a led light. I have chosen the Peco’s buffers stop ; the painting step (Humbrol 130 & 174). Then I have fixed the buffer elements. And I have finally fixed a subminiature red led. The light will …
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Layout design

To better view the results, the rail curves, distances… I took the time to draw the layout on my work plan. It’s step is very import. I recommend it. The result : To do it, I need the turnout templates for N gauge code 55. I have contacted the Peco company to request them. I thank them for the quick reply. So, I printed with the good scale the turnout and I drew my scheme. With the Peco’s permission, I …
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