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PlayCloud – Built for BlackBerry 10

For BlackBerry PlayBook owners, you may know PlayCloud ; a files explorer with different clouds such Dropbox, Box, SkyDrive, Google Drive. PlayCloud has been written in ActionScript ; a native solution for PlayBook. PlayCloud is brung on the new BlackBerry 10 device ; then written from scratch in C/C++ for the core and Qt/Qml for UI. The new application name is PlayCloud 10. In using the BlackBerry Cascades framework, PlayCloud 10 has a power, flow and fast UI. The application …
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PlayCloud – SkyDrive support on the road

Few words about PlayCloud news and development. The SkyDrive cloud service provided by Microsoft will be soon supported on PlayCloud…

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PlayCloud & Bridge support

To follow the user issues about the PlayCloud bridge support, I have decided to write this post to explain more the usage So, the bridge can’t be enabled from PlayCloud itself. Indeed, RIM doesn’t provide to developer the API to do it. Here, the process to use the Bridge. I assume that the bridge has already been used on your device and you are able to use mail, BlackBerry Messenger, tasks, memos… It’s important to unlock the bridge. Indeed, enable …
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PlayCloud – release 0.4.0

ProgWeb is prod to announce a new PlayCloud release. This new release brings up some fixes and the Box cloud storage service. PlayCloud is now available in french and in english ; other translations are planned. If you want to add a translation, please to contact me. Other news and features are in devel, such as the new BlackBerry 10 mobile generation (here the BlackBerry 10 dev alpha).

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PlayCloud – release 0.3.0

New PlayCloud release ! – Add Dropbox support – Clipboard improvements – New icons – New dialog “look & feel” – New “refresh” bouton – New help pages (bridge, dropbox…) – Show the help page at the first application launch

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PlayCloud – New PlayBook Application

RIM provides us with the BlackBerry playbook, a great pad ! I do not regret this purchase. Performance hardware, fluidity applications or its screen which obeys perfectly are, in my opinion, one of the best if not the best technically tablet. This tablet has been offering the new version of its OS 2.0, more and more interesting applications. Certainly we do not have the same number of applications that we can find in Apple’s AppStore, but how many are unusable, …
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