ProgWeb & WordPress

For several weeks, ProgWeb is generated by WordPress. We have to already make some software upgrade to critical security.

With minor modifications of WordPress code, here a plugins list used on ProgWeb :
- WordPress 3.0.4 using
- WordPress and whole plugins internationalization improvement
- Akismet using (anti-spam)
- Donations Widget using (internationalization management)
- Google XML Sitemaps using (for seek engine)
- ipv6detector using (with fixes)
- lightbox 2 using
- qtranslate using (modification to work with mobile theme)
- Single Post Template using (to get post in full page)
- Table of Contents Generator using (to build table of contents for some posts)
- WordPress Mobile Edition using (to support graphical touch pad, mobiles…)

Of course, all my fixes and modifications are available ; you can contact me to get them.

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2 Responses to ProgWeb & WordPress

  1. Thomas Hvid Spangsberg says:

    I’m working on a mobile theme based on carrington my self. And I need to incoorporate qTranslate – can you tell me how you did it?


    • Nicolas says:


      I have merely translate the theme, then add the country flags to switch the language.

      Beside of I have translated all the plugins used on my blog.

      I can provide you the source of my theme.


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