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PlayCloud & PhotoWall 3D designed for BlackBerry 10

PhotoWall 3D designed for BlackBerry 10

We have great BlackBerry 10 devices ; and now I want a WoW application with smooth effects. I like the Cooliris application on iOS and instead of waiting a bring on our devices, I have implemented mine. The main idea is : see all your local photos on a wall – so it’s an infinite wall – PhotoWall will be able to browse all your folders recursively to add photos on the wall. Link with PlayCloud, you will be able …
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PlayCloud & BES10

BlackBerry Entreprise Service

PlayCoud featured in a BlackBerry Entreprise Service presentation !

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PlayCloud story – first birthday


PlayCloud a maintenant un an, et donc fête son premier anniversaire Le développement de PlayCloud a commencé sur la plateforme BlackBerry™ PlayBook. J’avais en effet besoin d’accéder facilement à mes documents locaux mais aussi sur des services de cloud tels que Box, Dropbox… Afin d’avoir une application suffisamment fluide et rapide, j’ai fait le choix de l’ActionScript™ en utilisant le BlackBerry™ Air SDK. PlayCloud now one year old, and is celebrating its first anniversary Development PlayCloud began on BlackBerry PlayBook™ …
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PlayCloud – Built for BlackBerry 10

PlayCloud 10

For BlackBerry PlayBook owners, you may know PlayCloud ; a files explorer with different clouds such Dropbox, Box, SkyDrive, Google Drive. PlayCloud has been written in ActionScript ; a native solution for PlayBook. PlayCloud is brung on the new BlackBerry 10 device ; then written from scratch in C/C++ for the core and Qt/Qml for UI. The new application name is PlayCloud 10. In using the BlackBerry Cascades framework, PlayCloud 10 has a power, flow and fast UI. The application …
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Paris & BlackBerry 10


Discover the applications for us the frenches…

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LeParisien on BlackBerry 10

Le Parisien

Sorry, this entry is only available in Français.

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BlackBerry 10 for the french people

We can see more and more posts about the new BlackBerry incoming devices in the news : BlackBerry 10. But what are about the applications for us the french ? Here some applications screenshots… I’ll try to share with you others infos about the applications for the french…

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Privacy policy

Strictly no information is collected and transmitted by the ProgWeb’s application or this website. ProgWeb can not be held responsible for the information you post using its applications on different Clouds services, blogs, social network… All messages sent are the responsibility of the user.

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PlayCloud – SkyDrive support on the road


Few words about PlayCloud news and development. The SkyDrive cloud service provided by Microsoft will be soon supported on PlayCloud…

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PlayCloud & Bridge support


To follow the user issues about the PlayCloud bridge support, I have decided to write this post to explain more the usage So, the bridge can’t be enabled from PlayCloud itself. Indeed, RIM doesn’t provide to developer the API to do it. Here, the process to use the Bridge. I assume that the bridge has already been used on your device and you are able to use mail, BlackBerry Messenger, tasks, memos… It’s important to unlock the bridge. Indeed, enable …
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