Trains Layout

Several months to study, I think to build a train layout. So I’ll post on my blog my work about the design, the train or the digital part. Don’t worry if you find some posts don’t speak BlackBerry, linux :)

As you can doubt, I will work in digital and I want to drive my trains from my computer (Linux) or a touch pad (as an iPad, a Playbook or others) and my mobile phone.

It’s a great and a big work :

  • work to design the table layout
  • the rails
  • the turnouts and the motors to drive them
  • the signalisation
  • the scenary

Of course, I’ll need a lot of time !

At first, we have to choose the scale : G, I, O, S, OO, SO, TT, N, Z… I have seen several expositions, web browsing, price checking, available components… I have chosen the ‘N’ scale. To choose : dimensions, price and available components.

I will realize several modules with the dimensions less that 120×65 cm, to be easier to move. I don’t have to forget that I can maybe move or put the model into a cupboard !

Then I have to choose the theme… mountains, industirals… and the period… Realistic scenery or imagination ?

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