Terrain elevation

Today, the workwood end. The terrain elevation and so the different ramps. The relief takes shape. A quick test to sse the ramps. The percent isn’t higher than 4%.

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Today, the woodwork near the end. The base is near finished. I have begun the track elevation. Here you can see the result. I have to finish soon. You will notice the centrale drawer. The free areas under the layout will be for the storage ; the other areas will permit to do the maintenance (wired, motors…). The layout border will cover with melamine chipboard and painted in ebony.

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First tests

During holidays, I have time to test my first rame ; BR429 Flirt from Liliput. I have started with the woodwork… I have realized a simple layout to do some tests : – Lokpilot Micro installation – address configuration – CV effects Here a small video to do the results. It permits to : – study the curves ; the size… – fix the space between the tracts – determine the velocity in the curves and in the straight line …
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PHPUnit is a unit test suite framework for PHP. I have had some difficulties to find informations to install PHPUnit ; so I write a small article to keep a clue about the install process : $ pear update-channels $ pear upgrade $ pear channel-discover components.ez.no $ pear channel-discover pear.symfony-project.com $ pear channel-discover pear.phpunit.de $ pear install –alldeps phpunit/PHPUnit It was easy ; but we have to know it !

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Turnouts control

Motors choice The first step : add motors to control the turnout rails from the digital centrale. I have chosen the N gauge code 55 point “electrofrog” turnout. The core is conductor to avoid that the train stops. The core polarisation depends on the turnout position. To be more realistic, I seek some slow motors. To sum up : slow motor electrofrog reliability low sound price To compare : Attachment Mouvement Conso. Core Noise Price peco easy quick high no …
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Layout design

To better view the results, the rail curves, distances… I took the time to draw the layout on my work plan. It’s step is very import. I recommend it. The result : To do it, I need the turnout templates for N gauge code 55. I have contacted the Peco company to request them. I thank them for the quick reply. So, I printed with the good scale the turnout and I drew my scheme. With the Peco’s permission, I …
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My layout train design

Th fist layout step For the moment, I think build 3 modules : module A : city with a big train station… module B : mountain, country… module C : a little station, a port (fret) (of course, it’s only an idea !) I’m going to realize the module A at first, then the C and to finish the B. I could add the module B between the both A & C. I design my scheme with an open-source software …
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Trains Layout

Several months to study, I think to build a train layout. So I’ll post on my blog my work about the design, the train or the digital part. Don’t worry if you find some posts don’t speak BlackBerry, linux As you can doubt, I will work in digital and I want to drive my trains from my computer (Linux) or a touch pad (as an iPad, a Playbook or others) and my mobile phone. It’s a great and a big …
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SignatureTool & BlackBerry JDK & IPv6

A new post to update the post about “Devel on a BlackBerry device”. If your system suppots the IPv6 protocol ; the SignatureTool tool doesn’t work To work, you have to only add a command line option to force the tool to work with the IPv4 protocol. So the command is : $ java -Djava.net.preferIPv4Stack=true -jar SignatureTool.jar This option is true for all Java applications aren’t compliant with IPv6.

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ProgWeb & WordPress


For several weeks, ProgWeb is generated by WordPress. We have to already make some software upgrade to critical security. With minor modifications of WordPress code, here a plugins list used on ProgWeb : – WordPress 3.0.4 using – WordPress and whole plugins internationalization improvement – Akismet using (anti-spam) – Donations Widget using (internationalization management) – Google XML Sitemaps using (for seek engine) – ipv6detector using (with fixes) – lightbox 2 using – qtranslate using (modification to work with mobile theme) …
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